The feature documentary accompanying this project and examining the impact of virtual worlds and VR on people with disabilities is coming in late April 2018. 

The film, directed by Bernhard Drax aka Draxtorâ„¢, is not directly part of the research, but the story is following the group of 30 Second Life residents closely, in the physical realm as well as in VR, and captures their lives through in depth interviews on both sides of the screen.

Draxtor and crew have been traveling all over the world to meet with the people behind the avatars, interviewed the principal investigators Tom and Donna and sat down with the makers of next gen immersive virtual worlds at Linden Lab and High Fidelity to discuss the future of social VR.

The team is still filming re-enactments of personal stories pertaining to the project via Machinima in Second Life.

A screener of the film will be available to film festivals by March 2018.

Please contact us via this website if you are interested.

The "Our Digital Selves" doc is also funded with generous support from the National Science Foundation.

Below production stills to be updated as we continue to produce this film through March 2018.