The feature documentary “Our Digital Selves: My Avatar is me!” tells the story of 13 global citizens and their avatars as they transcend their various disabilities through artistic expression and making a home for themselves in the VR Metaverse. 

As researchers Donna Davis and Tom Boellstorff finish up their 3-year study, the film provides a window into a world of seemingly unlimited possibilities for human interaction, irrespective of physical location, age, gender or ability.

“Our Digital Selves” weaves together physical and virtual cinematography as the protagonists’ transformative backstories are re-enacted via Machinima.

The film is available for free on YouTube and as a download for qualifying institutions.

Contact drax at draxtor dot com for more information.

Below: production stills from Second Life, High Fidelity and Sansar virtual worlds as well as on location in the "physical world". All custom sets built by Marianne McCann.