Looking forward to 2016 / by Donna Davis

We're so pleased to report that 2015 got Ethnographia off to an extraordinary start! The sim is now in full swing with a sandbox, a few cozy places for meetings or casual conversation and most important, 20 residents from all around the world! We created 20 parcels and invited people living with disabilities to use these places to express their experiences of living both in the physical world and the virtual world in whatever fashion they chose. Already, the results are breathtaking! Please feel free to come visit the sim in Second Life and wander through the often uplifting, poignant and enlightening builds!  

Likewise, we invite our residents to post stories or images here! We welcome our community and those interested in following our community to visit the sim or this blog often to see the stories unfold. 

With that, we wish you a Happy New Year!

Tredi and Tom