Creations for Parkinson's! / by Tom Boellstorff

As we conduct this research project, we are incredibly lucky to be able to work with a number of organizations by and for people with disabilities. In Second Life, people with disabilities, along with caregivers, friends, and allies, have created groups for support, advocacy, and community since the early days of this virtual world. In the weeks to come we will do short profiles on these groups just to spread the word about all the good they do.

Creations for Parkinson's is a groundbreaking organization that has been raising awareness about Parkinson's Disease for many years. Founded by Barbie Alchemi, her brother, and her amazing mother Fran, this organization holds fundraisers, hosts a weekly support group, and overall inspires us in a hundred different ways. And their beautiful sims must be seen to be believed! (Here's a link to get there.)

Here is a wonderful short video about Creations for Parkinson's. Here is their webpage, and their Facebook page. If you read the new edition of Tom's book Coming of Age in Second Life, you will see that the new Preface has some wonderful stories to tell about this group.

Enjoy learning more about this wonderful organization!