New neighbors! / by Donna Davis

As the new island (Ethnographia II or more affectionately referred to as E2) is up and running, we want to remind and invite you to stop by the new area and meet the new neighbors. There are a number of new builds from new members of the community as well as our first collaborative build underway! The incredibly creative minds of Daisy Gator, Kath McGill and Jadyn Firehawk are working together to bring Daisy's literary work to life! Take a stroll through space as you've never seen it before! We also have our first builds "behind the magic curtain." If moving textures and bright colors are not a problem for you, you may want to take the time to journey through the experience Kath has built and bear witness to the latest SL creation by famed DB Baily.

Also on the new land are offices for Tom and Tredi. We'll be hosting more regular office hours as our class schedules slow down a bit in the very near future. Look for more information soon and please feel free to stop by and chat with us! 

Thank you to all our wonderful community members who are making this such a great experience. See you around the sim!