July 14-July 31: Come see Kasimir and Jadyn's homes rezzed! / by Tom Boellstorff

From July 14 until July 31 (with a possible extension, we'll see!) Ethnographia Island is proud to temporarily display two beautiful homes designed and built by Kasimir Deimatov and our own fabulous Jadyn Firehawk!

These homes have not been rezzed in Second Life for many years, so it is a real treat to be able to see and experience them. As explained in this article, these homes were designed back in 2010 for a building competition. Kasimir (who is no longer active in Second Life) is a quadriplegic, but together with Jadyn was able to design these amazing homes and win the competition!

Now, as a temporary exhibit both houses have been rezzed on Ethnographia Island. You can walk through them, read the history behind them, and get inspired to do some building of your own!

Thanks to Jadyn for setting up the installation, and to Kasimir for permission to share this wonderful work. Enjoy!